Monday, 26 November 2012

A reason to love Uganda's bodaboda boys. (Warning: contains nudity).

This story and pic appeared in the New Vision paper on Saturday November 24. Eat your heart out, Daily Star.

They get a bad rap at times for their supposedly dangerous driving and bad hygiene. Only weeks ago one Daily Monitor reader wrote to a letter to the editor demanding "reckless" boda boda drivers be "punished".

This letter to the editor appeared in the Daily Monitor a few weeks ago.

But some boda drivers would really go into battle against the baddies, if it came to the crunch. I know William certainly would. I was reminded of this reading Saturday's New Vision newspaper on my recent flight to Nairobi.

The New Vision reported that one bad egg boda driver was caught stealing a side mirror from a car that was parked at Garden City, one of Kampala's main shopping malls, recently. As it was raining (which it has been a lot lately in the Ugandan capital) the alleged thief didn't think twice about being caught. But guess who was watching him carry out his crime? You got it, the boda drivers.

"He was surprised when bodaboda cyclists pounced on him," the New Vision said.

"The stripped him naked as a punishment. The man ran away as the cyclists laughed at him. They also vowed to undress any other suspected thief."

One reason to like the boda boys. I take bodas from the mall between my home and Garden City multiple times a week (including Mike, below). Way to go boys.

One of my regular drivers, Mike, outside his stage at Garden City. (Profile coming soon).
Oh and to anyone else contemplating stealing car mirrors at Garden City, remember it's not only the bodas who will be watching. It's the dinosaurs.

No, it's not Jurassic Park - it's the famous dinosaurs of the Garden City mall in Kampala.

Prince William. Anyone who goes around stealing car mirrors may have this boda to answer to.

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