Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bling bling bling

A regular driver was taking me past Nsambya Hospital near home on my way to Prunes cafe in Kololo where I sometimes go to work. We were driving on a road being tarred (a friend recently described it as "the dark side of the moon") when I spotted Topher. "PULL OVER," I screamed out to my chauffeur.

The sparkliest thing I've ever seen, this bodaboda boy would give J-Lo a serious run (make that ride) for her money in the bling stakes. After quizzing him to get the particulars, much to the amusement of several other Ugandans watching me, the 25-year-old modestly revealed a friend (not Paris Hilton) had bought him (soooo Beyonce) his oversized sequined jacket, which had the words Paris, New York and Rome emblazoned on it, gold beret, worn backwards, for a mere 60,000 UGX ($22 USD) from local Owino market. A quick pull at the tag of the latter, worn over jeans, revealed it's from the Diffusion label. (NB: Check out the good reflection of yours truly in his aviator shades).

And as if I hadn't already been blinded, check out the ring. Another 10,000 UGX ($3.80) from Owino courtesy of this trendy taxi's stylist.

But wait, there's more.

Ring ring. I mean bing bling. Even his PINK phone had diamentes on it.

But what I loved mostly about Topher is that despite all this bling up top, down below he keeps it simple.

Topher didn't know the brand of his shoes and I didn't want to pull them off his feet and have a look because we were standing on the dark side of the moon, but the photo speaks for itself. Could they be Mr Price?

A total Tina Sparkle. Look out - if you see him on the streets of Kampala you may need the sunnies yourself.

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