Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A bodaboda babe a day

There are thousands of bodaboda drivers in Uganda. Often described as a necessary evil, they are quick, cheap (hell some even throw the money back at you - albeit when they're not happy with the price. Have never figured out the thinking behind this.) I use them multiple times daily. I LOVE them, most of the time (ask Mum if she feels the same way). I haven't lost my life yet. I've had two minor accidents - ironically the first one was on a boda when it wasn't moving, the second was when a boda ran into me. Although I've often ended up stuck, literally, because I've used bodas, I would most probably be stuck without them. What I love most about these dudes is their fashion. They're always decked out head-to-toe in the high street, often mixed with a touch of designer, courtesy of Uganda's roaring secondhand clothes trade. So, boys, because you are so stylish ("smart"as the Ugandans might say) this blog is dedicated to you. Aiming to bring readers one bodaboda babe a day.

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