Friday, 14 December 2012

Bodas are carrying everything but the kitchen sink (oh, and mistletoe. WARNING: features We are the World.)

My first 'Christmas boda', Gum.

Meet Gum. This morning he dropped me off at the Gulu post office for the seven hour or so bus journey back to Kampala. It was 6.20am, but I could still make out the writing on his jumper. "Dear Santa, I was good but not that good."

My first 'Christmas boda'. I was quite excited by this and meeting Gum made my brief stay in northern Uganda worth it. My friend Liam had bragged that he'd spotted a 'Christmas boda', with tinsel around his bike, on the streets of Kampala only a week ago, but I haven't seen him yet.

Do I spy with my little eye a Maple Leaf on this boda's beanie? Perhaps he was paying tribute to yours truly, who is half Canadian?
Of course when I announced on Twitter that I'd been ferried around by a 'Christmas boda' that cheeky Dr Wolfgang H. Thome, German expat with 25 + years experience in the 'Pearl of Africa', adoptive father to other expats and Ugandans, aviation expert, very resourceful person worth knowing etc etc etc for those who don't know him, replied "I gather some are also carrying mistletoe branches to steal a kiss ..."

CARRYING a helmet? Clever. Although I suppose it might muck up your hair.
Flattery will get you everywhere... But really, I wonder if the good doctor fell off his hammock on the shores of Lake Victoria and hit his head? He did say himself a few weeks ago he faced two choices: running away or running mad... Just kidding. Wolfgang, these boys are carrying ANYTHING but mistletoe. (Side thought: can you get mistletoe in Uganda) In fact if this boda which I spotted on the road to my house as soon as I'd arrived back in the capital (knew it was time to get off the bus when they began showing the We are the World video clip) is anything to go by, they're carrying EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink (oh, and mistletoe).

Have you seen a 'Christmas boda?' If so please let me know.

The people on the bodas mightn't be carrying mistletoe, but at least they're fully-dressed.

An alternative to bodas in Gulu.
Gulu sunset.

Oh, and for anyone who fancies a singalong, here's the We are the World video. I've had this little ditty stuck in my head all day long. Thanks Gulu Coaches.

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