Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Have you seen a BOB (boda-on-boda?) Plus more boda accessories.

If we go a bit closer it's... a boda carrying a bicycle seat and wheel.

I'm yet to see a BOB (aka a boda-on-boda, i.e. a bike carrying a passenger carrying another bike) as my lucky mzungu friends both formerly of Uganda Lucy Mallatrat and Mark Daku (he bought his own boda during his time here as he thought it would work out better) have. But I think that the day I do will be the day I can then go under a boda (or Pioneer Bus, or matatu) as really there will be nothing else to live for on this earth.

The closest I've come to seeing a BOB so far has been seeing a boda carrying a bicycle seat and wheel, which happened yesterday on approach to... yes that's right Garden City mall. 

Someone who's unlikely to be carrying a BOB anytime soon is the driver below, aka One (a Bono fan perhaps?), who I caught taking a siesta underneath a tree opposite Garden City.

Feeling a bit sleepy, are we?

In boda style news, Jesus key rings are still all the rage, as I discovered while being dropped off in Makerere yesterday.

On this bike, the Lord is always with you.

Faux leather pants and belt chains, as seen on one of my regular driver's John, below, are also in fashion.

My regular cabbie has fashion written all over him.

Earlier this week, this blog reported that Louis Vuitton chain wallets were also popular among drivers.

It's not a man bag, but it *is Louis Vuitton.

Have you been lucky enough to see a BOB in Ug? If so please let me know the details.

It may be a (DOB) dummy-on-boda and not a BOB, but I still love this shot.

Oh, and Mark (I'm hoping he'll write for this blog soon) has also done some interesting research (yours truly took part) on the, umm, drinking habits of expats in Kampala, which you can read here. 

More bodas coming soon.

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