Monday, 7 January 2013

Uganda's bodabodas are taking style inspiration from each other, and they're on fire.

Sizzling... Kampala driver Donozio Twesigye on William Street in town yesterday.

At least if drivers Hassan Guma,  27, and Donozio Twesigye, 26, are anything to go by. I've snapped the pair, from Gulu and Kampala respectively, wearing very similar shirts in the past month.

Rider Hassan Guma in Gulu in December.

Too hot.

Channeling each other's style.

Meanwhile, there's more breaking boda news: my original driver William has a new bike.

Prince Wills' new wheels.

My favorite chauffeur proudly picked me up on his new wheels, which set him back 2.9 million Ugandan shillings ($1,066 USD), on Sunday.

In the old days.

Mum wasn't too impressed by his last bike, which featured a ripped leather seat, regular reader(s) of this blog will recall (actually Mum may be the only reader of this blog). So she'll be happy with this latest development. She'll also be happy to see that William was still wearing his kangaroo hat she brought him from Down Under in September.

On Sunday. The sunnies must always go over cap for maximum coolness.

He's not the only Ugandan who now owns a little piece of Australia (er, probably China).

My watchman John was also the recipient of a hat, and requested I take this pic of him wearing it yesterday. 

The man who keeps our house safe, watchman John.

For sale in Uganda: Cricket Australia.

And while we're on the topic of Australian memorabilia, remember the Cricket Australia had being sold at Kabaka's palace during Uganda's Golden Jubilee celebrations that I snapped up? Well it now has a new home and owner in South Africa. Yes that's right, I gave it to my friend Phil as a Christmas present. He was most pleased.

But Australian cricket (well at least Australian beach cricket, along with XXX GOLD) are still getting a good plug in Uganda, as I discovered yesterday after meeting this bloke below on the side of the road while on a matatu (taxi) ride to Luweero. He kindly posed for me, after I told him I was Australian.

If we go a bit closer it's... XXXX GOLD in Uganda.


  1. Pleased to see they are still wearing my hats
    mum xxx

  2. I've now run out so will have to get some more x