Monday, 4 February 2013

BREAKING: Bodas still accessorizing well in 2013

Wouldn't mind the hat. Wouldn't mind the zebra, either.

AS IF. Is it breaking news that Uganda's bikies are still stylish? NO. It's always been the way.

But in case you need a reminder of this check out  Kalamba Isihaak, 27, originally from Masaka, sporting a black beanie snapped up at local Owino market for 5,000 Ugandan shillings ($1.87 USD)

"It's my smartness. I want to be different. It's not too hot," Kalamba explained to me modestly recently.

He justified his sartorial choices during Kampala's warm weather, stressing he wasn't  just thinking of fashion.

"It (the hat) won't let the dirt come in," Kalamba said.

The driver's shirt set him back 5k, while he forked out double that for his trousers. But looking this good must come at a price as Prince William, who was with me when I met this rider, noted. (Coincidentally, while we were speaking to Kalamba we also bumped into William's grandmother and cousin. What a treat to meet even more of the family. More on this later).

Close-up. Check the compulsory shades.

Love the bike - nearly the Ugandan flag colors.

Some riders are preferring to pay more attention to their bikes than themselves.

John Kennedy (yes, he swore that's his real name), has gone all out and stuck a colorful plastic windmill which he purchased at a Chinese supermarket in town for 4k.

"I bought it because it makes it (the bike) look nice," JK said.

Will the WOB (windmill-on-boda) look take off this year?

"It is very, very attractive. It has done me a very good job since I got it. Customers are liking it, especially children."

A good look for spring? (Depending what hemisphere you consider Ug to be in).

When asked if he liked his job Kennedy, a boda driver of eight years, replied: "What to do? I have to do this because I have no other job right now."

Meanwhile I caught this boda below, sporting a High School Musical beanie with England jersey, outside Garden City and told him I thought he "designed well" as the locals say (translation: you are stylish).

LOVE the TV/sport combo. Who says bodas are all tough footy-watching bikies who don't appreciate culture?

Like your combo.

I'm now Down Under, and while I haven't seen any bodas here I did ride a bicycle (a proper bicycle, blue and with a basket on the handlebars) out to drinks at North Burleigh the other night.

Look very closely. This is the closest I got to a boda during my recent visit to Londres.


  1. Amy, that shirt is not 15 grand, which would be a really high price for a boda guy. That's assuming he bought it secondhand. If he did it's about 5 grand.

    1. Will double check. Thanks for the comment - and reading. Glad someone is!