Monday, 11 February 2013

Look what I'll be wearing on my boda back in Kla

An "I ride boda boda" singlet. WANT.

It's a bit naff, perhaps, to wear African prints IN AFRICA, or so I was telling Mum when she gave me my Christmas presents after I'd arrived home in Australia last week. Everything I received had a leopard print pattern on it (I am really grateful, though. Also without Mum readership of this blog would go down to three).

Just like it's a bit naff, perhaps, to get a photo of the London tube map to put on your wall when you live IN LONDON, as my friends Mel and Prash were discussing with me recently when I stayed with them. (Although they're pretty cool).

And it's probably also a bit naff to wear a black singlet with the words "I ride on boda boda Kla+ 256" emblazoned on it especially when you're ON A BODA for half of the day and especially when you're a mzungu, but this is what I'm buying (above) as soon as I get back to Kampala next week. I'm sure that like heels and a little red dress, it's suitable motorbike attire.

It's a tough call, but I think I like this one just a bit more than the black one.

What I normally wear on my bodas. Thanks to Onyait Odeke for the pic - see .

This piece of "art" is the latest offering from Destreet Art, the Ugandan version of Christopher Kane, who will no doubt be stocked in Topshop any day now.

The artist known as Destreet Art hard at work in Kampala.

"In my City Kampala, there is so much trafic and people easily get around on motor bikes as thats the available transport to get you straight to your destination," he says of the inspiration behind his design.

Destreet's latest range includes pieces inspired by the gorillas and Uganda's national bird, the crested crane, below. The designer is currently encouraging Ugandans to "celebrate with me as I lauch my life time favourite imaginative Destreet Art compositions", despite being only about 24.
Eat your heart out Ken Done. One of Destreet's designs.

If he needs any inspiration from Down Under, DA could always look at these toilet blocks in hometown, Murwillumbah, which I liked so much I snapped them last week, below.

The south Murbah public loos.


  1. I love the boda shirt!

  2. Thanks love. If you want one just let me know!

  3. Great grab one of them at Destreet Art studio , kamwokya kampala,