Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Valentine's Day boda

One boda has pinned a rose to his gears. Swoon. Thanks to Andrew for pic.

Kampala's roads may be notorious for potholes, but to celebrate Valentine's Day today some boda drivers have pulled out all the stops. Yes, love is in the (dusty) air. We've already seen a Christmas boda on this blog, now check out this smoothie above who was spotted scooting around Ntinda on Tuesday night with a red rose pinned to his gears.

Mr Romance though it seems could be a love 'em and leave 'em type, as he sped off before we could get his details. Thanks to Yawe Andrew Kigongo for the tip off. 
eanwhile Charlie Beau, the author of Diary of a Mzungu, tells me she's heard a whisper of a "wedding on a boda". 
If anyone out there can please shed any more light on Uganda's most romantic rider of My Big Fat Boda Wedding, Boda Boda Baby is all ears.

On a more serious note, according to a report Uganda faces an annual condom shortage, the Daily Monitor reported. Meanwhile Dr Ario Alex Riolexus of Min of Health has reportedly said HIV incidence is highest amongst fishermen, plantation workers, bodaboda riders, and prostitutes, The Observer reports. 

Love is in the air in Uganda.

The last specially-themed boda I saw in Uganda was this Christmas driver, in Gulu in December.

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