Thursday, 21 March 2013

Aussie sporting teams turning up on Kampala streets quicker than a fast bowler from Down Under.

Lawrence has it going on in his Oz cricket shirt.

Okay, you now what I'm trying to say here. In less than a week I've spotted gear from three different Australian sporting codes on the streets of the Ugandan capital - all from the back of a boda. The latest sighting, involving mechanic Lawrence Muwongo, above, took place off Gayaza Road at Kanyanya while I was coming back into town after visiting the lovely Kids Club Kampala headquarters. Lawrence, 23, told me he'd snapped up the Australian Cricket Board (ACB) shirt, which features the Victoria Bitter (VB) logo, for just 1,000 Ugandan shillings. Fair dinkum, that's only $0.37 AUD.

This discovery took place just four days after coming across a North Melbourne Kangaroos hat in Kamwocya. Patrick, 25, below, proudly informed me he'd purchased the blue cap at the local markets for 5k ($1.83 AUD). Ripper!

Patrick loves his new hat.

Just minutes earlier I'd caught Prince Mutebi (eat your heart out Prince William, both the boda driver and the UK version) showing off his Australian Wallabies jersey which set him back 10k, perhaps not much for an Aussie rugby fan, but quite a bit for a Ugandan. When asked if he followed the game, HRH, who moonlights as a butcher, replied, "I try, but not too much". When asked if he knew where Australia was, he said "Not really but I need this country too much".

HRH and Wallabies convert Prince Mutebi.

Prince and Patrick, who didn't know each other before, are now mates for life, after the author of this blog brought them together for a photo opportunity.

Uganda's most unlikely pair.

Regular readers of Bodaboda Baby will be familiar with other Australian sporting labels previously unearthed in Uganda and although I now have a soft spot for Lawrence, Prince Mutebi and Patrick, I think my favourite is still the Socceroos fan with the coloured feather duster.

With all of this gear around, the author of this blog is wondering should she even bother giving out her two leftover Australia Day hats and nail stickers?

One lucky African will get these Aussie nail stickers, thanks to Mum.

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