Sunday, 9 June 2013

We go! We go! Kampala's soccer boda we go!

And there it is, Godfrey's soccer boda.

We go! We go! Uganda Cranes we go!

Congrats to the country's soccer team on their 1-0 win against Liberia in the World Cup qualifier at Namboole Stadium on Saturday.

Of course no game in football-mad Ug would be complete without an aptly decorated soccer boda. These motorbike drivers are the biggest football fans I've ever met, able to list entire UK premier league teams and stats, along with those from Spain.

The Uganda Cranes "We Believe" campaign.

Godfrey, owner of Muyenga's flashy boda aka Fabric on wheels, previously featured on Bodaboda Baby, didn't disappoint. His vehicle boasted the Ugandan flag and a vuvuzela, among other accessories, and yours truly was lucky enough to be taken for a quick spin on it. (NB: have taken my helmet off for photo purposes, only).

Bodaboda, we go we go we gooooooo! 

The author of this blog was lucky enough to be taken for quick spin on it. Godfrey's stage is near the Italian supermarket, on Tank Hill Road.
Regular readers of this blog will recall that by night the soccer boda becomes Fabric on wheels.
The soccer boda is normally sporting the stars and the stripes  - you could in fact be forgiven for thinking it was  the 4th July.

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