Monday, 4 November 2013

Bodaboda Baby had a break from bodas while she was in London, in case you were wondering.

Fab shot of a London boda, courtesy of my mate Nat Davison. 

Duh. Although while there she did meet up with her clever friend, Nat Davison, who took this awesome pic above of a London boda near Borough Market. 

The good news is that she's now back on the continent (Africa!) and is clocking up plenty of boda time - not just in Kla but across the border in Kigali too. Check the photo of this boda (or should that be moto?) below! Get on it.

Aussie colours. I think this bike was made for Yours Truly. 

Coming soon will be some boda stories from Rwanda, and more tales from the "Pearl of Africa", Uganda, including a look at a female boda driver from Arua District. 

How's the serenity...roads in Kigali.

Safety over style on the road in Kigali. 

No secondhand Zara or Topshop for them...

But who says you can't still be decorative?
See you soon - and safe travels.

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