Monday, 2 September 2013

We need a photo caption FOR THIS!

A couple of my mates in Kampala have been a bit boda snap happy, lately.

Firstly my good friend from Child's i Foundation, Sue Allan, who has sent in this shot of a coffin-on-boda (not a bike-on-boda), above. We need a photo caption. Can anyone please suggest one (apart from "death on wheels?')

The wonderful Dr Wolfgang H. Thome has offered up "The last journey...Uganda style." (Quick, give him a job on The Sun newsdesk pronto!) 

Artha WassWa has thrown in his five cents worth: "Make way for the Grim Reaper's apprentice" or "The Grim Reaper's Joy Ride". 

John Hanna has suggested (via Down Under) "Heavy Boots".

High profile Ugandan media analyst Simon Kaheru reckons we should have "The Inevitable" and "What you REALLY look like" (clever). 

Henry Rugamba wants "Oh when the saints come riding in". (Bodaboda Baby does like this). 

Well-known Ugandan journalist Daniel Kalinaki also jumped into the conversation in the Twittersphere, saying he thinks "Riding in the sunset of life" would be suffice.  

If anyone thinks that they can do any better, please do go ahead. There may or, er, may not be a prize for the best caption. (A drink at the aptly-named Boda bar, perhaps?)

Oh, and if anyone wants to tackle the photo above, which my good Aussie friend in Kampala Ellie kindly gave me, go ahead. Bodaboda Baby is lost for words on this one. 

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